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Arby’s has been a fan-favorite fast-food chain in the United States for nearly 60 years, renowned for its delicious roast beef sandwiches and curly fries. Recently, rumors have been circulating on social media that Arby’s is bringing back their beloved potato cakes, a side dish that was removed from the menu back in 2015. Fans of the crispy, savory cakes have been eagerly anticipating the news, wondering whether the rumors are true and when exactly they’ll be able to sink their teeth into these delicious treats once again.

For those who are unfamiliar, Arby’s potato cakes are unlike any other fast-food potato dish. Made from grated potatoes, lightly seasoned, and fried to a perfect golden brown, they are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, offering a satisfyingly crunchy texture with each bite. They were a staple on the Arby’s menu for years, offered as an alternative to the more common French fries and onion rings, but were removed in 2015 as part of a menu revamp.

Since then, fans have been clamoring for their return, taking to social media to express their disappointment and even launching petitions to bring back the beloved dish. With rumors now swirling that Arby’s is finally caving to fan demand and bringing back the potato cakes, fans are eagerly awaiting official confirmation of the news. If the rumors are true, it will be a welcome blast from the past for Arby’s fans and a tribute to the power of social media in influencing even the biggest fast-food chains.

The History of Arby’s Potato Cakes

Origins of Arby’s Potato Cakes

Arby’s has been a household name in the fast-food industry for over half a century. One of their most iconic side dishes was their potato cakes. These delicious, golden-brown, slightly crispy cakes were made from shredded potatoes mixed with savory seasonings and fried to perfection. They were first introduced in the 1970s as an alternative to traditional French fries.

Popularity and Changes Over Time

Arby’s potato cakes quickly became one of the most popular menu items offered by the fast-food chain. They were a favorite among customers who enjoyed their unique flavor profile and crunchy texture. However, over time, Arby’s began to phase out potato cakes from its menu due to low demand.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for nostalgic food items that remind people of simpler times. As such, many fans have been clamoring for the return of Arby’s potato cakes.

Discontinuation and Fans’ Reactions

In 2019, it was announced that Arby’s had discontinued their iconic potato cake side dish across all locations except those in New York City where they remain on menus as “potato pancakes.” This announcement sparked outrage among fans who took to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to express their disappointment.

Many loyal customers felt that removing this beloved item from the menu was a mistake on behalf of Arby’s management team. Despite this backlash from fans across various online platforms demanding that they bring back its classic recipe nationwide instead of just being available at select NYC locations.

Possible Reasons for Bringing Back Potato Cakes

There are several reasons why bringing back Arby’s beloved potato cakes would be beneficial both for the company and its customers:

1) Nostalgia: As previously mentioned, many people crave nostalgia when it comes to food items they grew up eating. Bringing back potato cakes can bring back fond memories of childhood and simpler times.

2) Unique menu item: Arby’s is known for its unique menu items, and the potato cake was one of those items that set it apart from other fast-food chains. Bringing it back would give customers a reason to visit Arby’s over its competitors.

3) Increased sales: If Arby’s were to bring back their potato cakes, it could potentially lead to increased sales for the company. With the rise in popularity of nostalgic food items, many people would be eager to try them once again or even introduce them to a new generation.

Why Did Arby’s Discontinue Potato Cakes?

Arby’s potato cakes are making a comeback, much to the delight of fans who had been clamoring for their return ever since they were removed from the menu in 2015. The popular side dish was phased out due to low demand and a menu simplification strategy. However, the power of social media and nostalgia has led to Arby’s bringing back the beloved potato cakes, demonstrating the importance of listening to customer feedback and adapting to changing trends in the fast-food industry.

Low Demand

One of the primary reasons why Arby’s discontinued potato cakes was due to low demand. While they were a fan favorite for many years, sales began to decline over time. As customers’ preferences changed, they started opting for healthier alternatives like salads and wraps instead of fried side dishes.

Menu Simplification

In addition to low demand, another reason why Arby’s discontinued potato cakes was due to menu simplification. In recent years, fast-food chains have been trying to streamline their menus and focus on their core offerings rather than having too many options that can slow down service times.

Arby’s was no exception in this regard, and as a result of this menu simplification strategy, some items had to be cut from the menu in order to maintain efficiency. Unfortunately for fans of potato cakes, it was one of those items that didn’t make the cut.

Cost Considerations

Another possible factor that contributed to the discontinuation of potato cakes could have been cost considerations. Potatoes are a commodity crop whose prices can fluctuate depending on supply and demand factors such as weather patterns or political instability in certain regions where potatoes are grown.

With rising costs associated with sourcing high-quality potatoes and cooking oil used in frying these treats may have made it less profitable given its declining popularity among customers.

Healthier Options

As consumers become more health-conscious about what they eat when dining out at fast-food restaurants; many chains like Arby’s responded by offering healthier options such as salads or grilled chicken sandwiches instead of fried side dishes like onion rings or fries which are higher in calories and fat content compared with other choices available on menus today.

Potato cakes were not considered healthy by any means since they were deep-fried before being served with dipping sauces containing additional calories adding up quickly! Thus offering fewer unhealthy options is another reason why Arby’s decided to discontinue its potato cake side dish.

Consumer Reactions to the Discontinued Potato Cakes

Arby’s is bringing back their beloved potato cakes, a side dish that was removed from the menu in 2015 due to low demand and menu simplification. The announcement was made after fans had expressed their eagerness for the classic dish to return on social media platforms. The potato cakes will be available nationwide in early 2022, and although it is uncertain if they will remain on the menu permanently, Arby’s willingness to adapt to customer demand suggests that they may offer them permanently going forward.

Outrage on Social Media

When Arby’s announced the discontinuation of potato cakes, fans of this beloved side dish took to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to express their outrage. Many customers were disappointed that they could no longer enjoy this classic menu item at most locations.

People expressed their love for the potato cakes and how they had been a part of their childhood memories as well as how it was one of the reasons why they visited Arby’s in the first place.

Petitions and Protests

In addition to expressing their frustration on social media, some fans even went so far as to start online petitions or organize protests outside of Arby’s locations. They demanded that Arby’s bring back potato cakes nationwide instead of only offering them in select locations such as New York City where they are still available.

These movements showed just how passionate people were about having access again to this iconic side dish at all Arby’s outlets across the country once again.

Memes and Jokes

As with any social media trend, there were also plenty of memes and jokes created about the discontinued potato cakes from both fans who missed them and those who didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. These memes ranged from humorous critiques about fast food chains’ marketing strategies or poking fun at nostalgic foodies who couldn’t stop talking about its deliciousness despite its unhealthy nature!

Some people even created parody songs or videos related to bringing back potato cakes, which helped keep awareness alive while creating a sense of humor around any potential comeback news.

Hope for a Comeback

Despite some negative feedback from those who don’t miss them too much; many loyal customers remain hopeful that Arby’s will eventually bring back their beloved potato cakes. Some have cited other fast-food chains like Taco Bell that have brought back popular menu items due to customer demand after being phased out for a while.

It remains to be seen if Arby’s will ever bring back potato cakes on a nationwide scale, but the company has responded to customer feedback in the past and may consider it again if there is enough demand for this nostalgic classic.

Arby’s Announcement of the Return of Potato Cakes

Arby’s announced that it’s beloved potato cakes are coming back to their menus nationwide early next year, after being removed in 2015 due to low demand and menu simplification efforts. Fans can look forward to the original recipe made with grated potatoes, lightly seasoned, and fried to a perfect golden brown, offering a satisfyingly crunchy texture with each bite. This announcement shows the power of social media in influencing even the biggest fast-food chains to listen to customer feedback.

Social Media Teasers

Arby’s began teasing the return of potato cakes on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, with cryptic posts that hinted at a potential comeback. These posts generated a lot of buzz among fans who had been waiting for this news for years.

The company used hashtags like #PotatoCakesAreBack and #BringBackPotatoCakes to engage with customers and build excitement around the announcement.

Official Confirmation

After weeks of teasing, Arby’s finally made an official announcement confirming that potato cakes were indeed coming back to their menus nationwide. The company stated that they had listened to customer feedback and decided to bring back this classic side dish due to popular demand.

This announcement was met with widespread enthusiasm from fans on social media, who expressed their excitement about being able to enjoy potato cakes once again at all locations across America.

New Recipe?

While Arby’s confirmed the return of potato cakes, it remained unclear whether or not they would be using the same recipe as before or if there would be any changes in taste or texture. Some fans expressed concern that modifications could alter its classic flavor profile which many grew up loving!

However, others were hopeful that any changes made would only enhance its taste while still maintaining its nostalgic charm.

Release Date

Along with announcing the return of potato cakes; another question on everyone’s mind was when they could expect them back on menus? Luckily for enthusiasts; Arby’s also revealed plans for a release date scheduled sometime in early 2022!

This gave people something exciting to look forward too after enduring such a long time without it last appearing on restaurant menus nationwide except select NYC locations operating under different menu items name “potato pancakes.”

The Future of Arby’s Potato Cakes: Will They Stay or Go?

Continued Popularity

With the announcement of the return of potato cakes to Arby’s menus nationwide, it’s clear that this classic side dish still holds a special place in the hearts and stomachs of many customers. Its continued popularity among fans could be a sign that it will remain on the menu for years to come.

Menu Changes

While it’s uncertain whether or not potato cakes will remain a permanent fixture on Arby’s menus, one thing is for sure: fast-food chains must regularly update their offerings to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. This means that menu items can be added or removed based on changing tastes and trends among customers.

Arby’s has already shown willingness to adapt based on customer demand by bringing back potato cakes after phasing them out previously due to low sales. If they continue listening closely enough to what customers want as well as keeping up with any potential changes in food preferences over time; they may keep offering them permanently going forward!


Fast-food chains are highly competitive with each other and are always looking for ways to set themselves apart from rivals by offering unique menu items like Arby’s curly fries or roast beef sandwiches! Should potato cakes prove popular enough with consumers; having it available exclusively at all locations would give them another edge over competitors who do not offer similar nostalgia-inducing treats.

This could also lead other fast-food chains into experimenting with their own versions which might make them even more ubiquitous across different restaurants’ menus!

Health Concerns

One potential factor that could affect the future of potato cakes is growing health concerns among consumers regarding fried foods’ high caloric content. As people become more conscious about what they eat and how food affects their bodies negatively, some may opt for healthier options instead like salads or grilled chicken sandwiches instead.

If this trend continues, then we might see fewer fried side dishes on fast-food menus across the board, including potato cakes. However, given its nostalgia-inducing nature alone, it is unlikely that people would stop wanting them any less.## FAQs

What are potato cakes at Arby’s?

Arby’s potato cakes are a side dish made with shredded potatoes and spices that are fried until crispy. They were previously on the menu at Arby’s but were removed at some point.

Is Arby’s bringing back potato cakes?

There is no clear answer to this question as Arby’s has not made an official announcement regarding the return of potato cakes. However, there have been rumors and speculation that they may bring them back in the future.

Why were potato cakes removed from Arby’s menu?

It is unclear why potato cakes were removed from the Arby’s menu, but it is speculated that they were not as popular as other side dishes. Arby’s has also made several menu changes in recent years in an effort to simplify their offerings.

Are there any alternatives to potato cakes at Arby’s?

Yes, Arby’s offers a variety of other side dishes such as curly fries, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings. They also have several sandwich options that come with a side of your choice. Additionally, Arby’s frequently introduces limited-time menu items that may be worth trying.

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