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Dulce de leche cake is a popular dessert which originated in South America. It is made with a rich, caramel-like sauce known as dulce de leche, which is a traditional sweet treat in Latin American cuisine. This cake is known for its rich and decadent flavor, and is a perfect dessert for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. In this article, we will explore how to make a delicious dulce de leche cake from scratch.

To make a perfect dulce de leche cake, you will need to follow some simple steps. First, you need to prepare a basic cake batter using flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. Once the cake is baked, you will need to prepare the dulce de leche sauce using milk and sugar. This sauce is made by cooking down milk and sugar until it turns into a rich and creamy caramel sauce.

Once you have prepared both the cake and the sauce, you will need to assemble the cake. You can do this by slicing the cake horizontally into two or three layers and spreading the dulce de leche sauce between each layer. The cake can then be topped with whipped cream or frosting, depending on your preference.

While the process of making dulce de leche cake may seem daunting, it is actually quite simple and straightforward. With a little patience and some basic baking skills, you can easily create a delicious and impressive dessert that will impress your friends and family. In the following sections, we will provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make dulce de leche cake, along with some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Introduction: Understanding Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche is a popular Latin American dessert that has gained popularity worldwide due to its rich taste and creamy texture. It is made from milk and sugar, which are slowly cooked until they caramelize, creating a delicious caramel-like spread that can be used in various desserts, including cakes, ice creams, and pastries.

What is Dulce de Leche?

Dulce de leche literally means “sweet milk” in Spanish. It is a thick and creamy caramel sauce made by simmering milk and sugar together for an extended period until the mixture thickens into a smooth consistency with a deep brown color. The process of cooking the milk slowly allows the natural sugars present in it to caramelize gradually producing the unique flavor of dulce de leche.

Variations of Dulce De Leche

There are many variations of dulce de leche across different countries. For instance, in Argentina where dulce de leche originated from it has become so ingrained into their culture that they use it as an ingredient for almost everything sweet! In Mexico they add cinnamon to their dulce de leech while Colombians use condensed milk instead of regular cow’s milk.

How to Make Homemade Dulce De Lech e

Making dulce de leche at home can seem intimidating but trust me once you try it you’ll never go back! There are different methods to make homemade dulcet such as using sweetened condensed milk or making it completely from scratch with sugar and whole milk.

One easy way to make homemade dulcet at home is by using sweetened condensed milk cans. All you need are cans of sweetened condensed milks without labels submerged into boiling water for 3 hours then cooled completely before opening them up revealing the deliciousness inside!

Alternatively you could make your own from scratch by simmering whole cow’s milk and sugar on low heat, stirring every few minutes until it thickens and turns a rich caramel color. This method requires constant attention but trust us it’s worth the effort for that homemade touch!

Using Dulce De Leche in Cakes

One of the most delicious ways to enjoy dulce de leche is by using it as an ingredient for cakes. It adds a rich flavor and creamy texture to any cake recipe. You can incorporate dulce de leche into your cake batter or use it as a filling between layers.

When adding dulce de leche to your cake batter, you can either replace the sugar with dulce de leche or add it as an additional ingredient. For the filling, spread a generous layer of dulcet over one layer then stack another layer on top before frosting with your favorite buttercream frosting.

Step 1: Making the Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche is a crucial ingredient in making a delicious dulce de leche cake. While it’s easy to purchase dulcet from the store, there’s nothing like homemade dulcet that you can customize according to your preference. Here are some different methods for making homemade dulcet.

Method 1: Stovetop Method

The stovetop method is one of the most popular ways of making homemade dulce de leche. Here’s how to do it:

  1. In a heavy-bottomed saucepan, combine two cups of whole milk and one cup of granulated sugar.
  2. Heat the mixture over medium heat, stirring occasionally until the sugar dissolves.
  3. Once the sugar has dissolved completely, reduce heat to low and continue cooking for about an hour or until golden brown color develops.
  4. Stir every few minutes while cooking but avoid stirring too often as this may cause your mixture to crystallize or become grainy.
  5. Remove from heat once ready and let cool completely before using.

Method 2: Slow Cooker Method

If you don’t have time to babysit your stovetop method, then consider using this slow cooker method instead:

  1. Pour two cans of sweetened condensed milk into a slow cooker
    2.Cover with water so that can is submerged completely under water
    3.Cook on low for up to 8 hours depending on desired consistency (longer cook time will result in thicker caramel)
    4.Remove carefully from slow cooker once finished and let cool before opening cans.

Method 3: Oven Baking Method

The oven baking method is another foolproof way of making perfect dulce de leche every time!

1.Preheat oven at around 425°F.
2.Pour sweetened condensed milk into an oven-safe dish covered tightly with foil.
3.Place the dish in a larger pan and fill with water until it reaches about halfway up the side of the smaller dish.
4.Bake for about an hour or until caramelized to your liking.
5.Remove from the oven once finished and let cool completely before using.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Regardless of which method you choose, here are some tips that can help ensure perfect dulce de leche every time:

  • Use high-quality ingredients for better results
  • Make sure to stir occasionally but not too often as this may cause your mixture to crystalize or become grainy
  • Cook on low heat, taking your time will result in a more delicious dulce de leche
  • Always let it cool completely before using so that it can thicken up properly.

Step 2: Preparing the Cake

Now that you have your delicious homemade dulce de leche, it’s time to prepare the cake! Here are the steps you need to follow:


  • 2 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 3 large eggs, room temperature
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup whole milk


Here’s how to make a mouthwatering Dulce de Leche Cake:

Preheat and Prepare

Preheat your oven to around (350°F). Grease two round baking pans with butter or cooking spray before lining them with parchment paper.

Mix Dry Ingredients

In a medium bowl combine flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

Cream Butter and Sugar

In a separate large mixing bowl beat together the softened butter and granulated sugar until light and fluffy for about three minutes using an electric mixer.

Add Eggs One at A Time

Add eggs one at a time while continuing to beat mixture on low speed until each egg is fully incorporated before adding another. Don’t forget to scrape down sides of bowl in between each addition!

Add Vanilla Extract

Add vanilla extract into mixture while still beating on low speed. Mix well then set aside.

Mix Wet Ingredients

In another small mixing bowl whisk together whole milk and dulce de leche sauce until well combined.

Combine Dry & Wet Ingredients Together

Gradually add in dry ingredients into wet mixture alternating with milk-dulce de leche sauce mixture mix well after each addition but don’t over mix!

Pour Mixture into Baking Pans

Divide batter evenly between prepared pans then smooth out tops with spatula or knife. Bake for approximately (25–30 minutes) or until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean.

Cool and Decorate

Let the cakes cool in their pans for a few minutes before removing them onto wire racks. Once fully cooled, layer one cake over another spreading dulce de leche sauce between them. For the final touch, spread more dulce de leche on top of the cake as frosting!

Step 3: Decorating the Cake

The final step in making a mouthwatering Dulce De Leche Cake is to decorate it! Here are some ideas to make your cake look as good as it tastes.

Here’s how to decorate your Dulce De Leche Cake:

Add More Dulce de Leche

Spread extra dulce de leche over the top of the cake, using a spatula or knife. You can spread it thickly for an indulgent and rich dessert or keep it light for a more subtle touch.

Create Whipped Cream Topping

Using an electric mixer beat heavy whipping cream on medium speed until soft peaks form. Add sugar then continue beating until stiff peaks form. Spread over dulcet sauce layer!

Add Chopped Nuts or Chocolate Shavings

Sprinkle chopped nuts such as almonds, pecans, or hazelnuts over whipped cream topping layer. Alternatively, you could also add chocolate shavings by grating them with a cheese grater and sprinkling them on top of whipped cream layer for a more decadent look!

Serving Suggestions

  • Slice the cake and serve it with a dollop of whipped cream and extra dulcet sauce drizzled over the top.
  • Serve slices of cake with fresh berries such as raspberries or strawberries for a refreshing contrast to the rich dulce de leche flavor.
  • Pair slices of cake with a cup of coffee or tea for an indulgent afternoon treat.

Storing Your Cake

If you have any leftover cake, make sure to store it properly to keep it fresh. You can store your Dulcet De Leche Cake in an airtight container at room temperature for up to two days, or in the fridge for up to five days.

Reheating Tips

If you want to reheat your leftovers, here are some tips:

  • To reheat individual slices of cake in the microwave without affecting its texture and taste wrap each slice loosely in damp paper towel before microwaving them 10 seconds at a time until warm enough
  • For reheating larger portions place wrapped whole cakes into preheated oven (around 350°F) until warmed through – check after 10 minutes if ready!

Final Thoughts

Making homemade dulce de leche Cake is easy when following these steps! The key is using high-quality ingredients and taking care while preparing each step. With our recipe now at hand, we hope that you will try making this delicious dessert yourself soon! Remember – there’s nothing like enjoying something sweet made from scratch especially when shared among friends or family!


What ingredients do I need to make dulce de leche cake?

To make dulce de leche cake, you will need all-purpose flour, sugar, unsalted butter, eggs, baking powder, vanilla extract, milk, dulce de leche, and whipped cream. You can find dulce de leche in most grocery stores or make it yourself by cooking sweetened condensed milk until it caramelizes.

What is the best way to prepare the cake pan?

To ensure your cake comes out of the pan easily, grease the bottom and sides of the pan with butter or non-stick spray. You can also line the bottom with parchment paper for an extra layer of protection. Dust the pan with flour, tapping out any excess before pouring in the batter.

How do I know when the cake is done baking?

Insert a toothpick or cake tester into the center of the cake. If it comes out clean, the cake is done. Don’t open the oven too frequently, as this can lower the temperature and interfere with the baking process. The cake should be a golden brown color and spring back when lightly touched in the center.

How should I decorate the dulce de leche cake?

Once the cake has cooled, drizzle additional dulce de leche over the top and onto the sides. You can also top the cake with whipped cream and fresh berries for a touch of color and flavor. Dusting the cake lightly with powdered sugar is another great option and adds a touch of elegance to the presentation.

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