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Making a butterfly cake is an ideal way to add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any special occasion. Whether it’s for a child’s birthday or a bridal shower, this cake is sure to impress guests with its stunning butterfly shape and vibrant colors. However, making a butterfly cake can be intimidating for novice bakers. But fear not, as this guide will provide you with a step-by-step process on how to make a butterfly cake that is not only visually appealing but delicious as well. With a few simple tools and ingredients, you can create a beautifully decorated butterfly cake that will be the talk of the party! This guide will cover everything from preparing the cake batter to decorating the wings with dazzling patterns, leaving you with a cake that is nothing short of magical. So, let’s get started on creating this masterpiece of a dessert!

Ingredients Needed

If you are planning to make a butterfly cake, you need to have all the necessary ingredients ready before starting. Below are the essential items needed for making a butterfly cake.


The primary ingredient needed for making a butterfly cake is flour. Cake flour or all-purpose flour can be used, but it is preferable to use cake flour as it gives a lighter texture and fluffier cake.


Granulated sugar or superfine sugar can be used in making a butterfly cake. For best results, use fine granulated sugar as it dissolves quickly when mixed with other ingredients.


Unsalted butter is recommended for baking purposes. It’s preferable because salted butter may result in an uneven texture and flavor of the final product.


Eggs play an essential role in the structure and texture of cakes; therefore, they should not be omitted from any recipe. Room temperature eggs work best when baking cakes because they blend well with other ingredients and create an even texture of the cake batter.

Baking powder/baking soda

Baking powder or baking soda helps your butterfly cake rise during baking by emitting gas bubbles that make your batter expand while cooking. Choose one depending on whether your recipe has acidic ingredients such as buttermilk or vinegar (use soda) or not (use powder).

Milk/Buttermilk/Sour cream/Yogurt/Cream cheese

The additional liquid component required in most recipes could include milk, buttermilk sour cream, yogurt, or cream cheese depending on preference and availability.

Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract adds flavoring to baked goods; hence it’s crucial that you add it to your buttercream frosting mixture before spreading over your baked Butterfly Cake.

Baking Preparation

Once you have gathered all the necessary ingredients, it’s time to prepare for baking your butterfly cake. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Making a butterfly cake may seem intimidating, but with the right tools and ingredients, it can be a magical dessert for any occasion. When preparing the cake batter, ensure that all ingredients are at room temperature, use high-quality products, and accurately measure ingredients. When assembling and decorating the cake, chill the buttercream frosting, spread it evenly, and add decorative elements like piping, edible flowers, or sprinkles to make it visually appealing.

Preheat oven

Preheat your oven at 350°F (180°C) for 10-15 minutes before baking. This ensures that the oven is heated adequately and maintains a consistent temperature throughout cooking.

Prepare cake pans

Butterfly cakes can be baked in various sizes of pans depending on preference. Use a pan with a flat bottom and fluted sides to create beautiful butterfly-shaped cakes.

To prepare your pan, grease it with butter or non-stick cooking spray then dust with flour or sugar to prevent sticking.

Mix dry ingredients

Sift together flour, baking powder/soda, and salt into a large bowl. Sifting helps break up any lumps in the flour, ensuring that all ingredients blend evenly without leaving any traces of unmixed elements.

Cream butter and sugar

In another mixing bowl using an electric mixer or stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment cream together softened unsalted butter and granulated sugar until light and fluffy texture develops; this should take about 3 -5 minutes.

Note: Do not overmix as this may result in aerating too much air into the batter giving you an uneven texture when baked.

Add eggs one at a time

Add room temperature eggs one at a time beating each egg until well incorporated before adding another egg. Scrape down sides of bowl after every addition.

Alternate adding dry/wet ingredients

Gradually add sifted dry ingredients alternatively with liquid components such as buttermilk or milk mixture stirring gently after each addition until well blended.

Note: Mixing too much air could result in having too many bubbles which would cause cracks on your Butterfly Cake once they have cooled down from being baked.

Making the Cake Batter

Making the cake batter for your butterfly cake is a crucial step in creating a delicious and fluffy cake. Follow these steps to make your cake batter:

Making a butterfly cake may seem intimidating, but with this step-by-step guide, it can become a magical dessert perfect for any occasion. Key ingredients needed include flour, sugar, unsalted butter, eggs, baking powder/soda, milk/buttermilk/sour cream/yogurt/cream cheese, and vanilla extract. Important tips for perfect cake batter and assembly include room temperature ingredients, quality ingredients, accurate measurements, gentle mixing, and sticking to baking times provided in the recipe. Decorating the cake with buttercream frosting, piping, edible flowers, sprinkles, and fondant can add a beautiful finish to the cake, but planning ahead, being creative, and using quality ingredients are essential for the perfect decoration.

Tips for making perfect cake batter

Below are some tips that will help you make perfect cake batter:

Making a stunning butterfly cake for a special occasion is not as complicated as it may seem. This step-by-step guide covers everything from necessary ingredients to decorating tips, making it easy for novice bakers to create a delicious and visually appealing cake. From accurate measurements to gentle mixing and planning ahead, this guide is a comprehensive resource for creating a beautiful butterfly cake that is sure to impress your guests.

Room temperature Ingredients

Ensure all your wet ingredients like eggs are at room temperature before using them to prepare the batter, this helps them mix well with other ingredients without curdling.

Quality Ingredients

Use high-quality fresh organic products so that you get better results when preparing your butterfly cake. High-quality products have fewer additives hence giving you more natural flavors when baking.

Accurate measurements

Accurately measure all Ingredients using either digital or manual weighing scales for accurate measurements which ensures consistent results every time you bake.


Do not over mix the batter, as this can cause too much air to be incorporated into the mixture resulting in an uneven texture when baked. Mix gently until all ingredients are well combined.


Ensure you stick to baking times provided in the recipe to avoid over or undercooking your cake.

Assembling the Cake

The final step of making a butterfly cake is assembling all the components together. Follow these steps for a perfect assembly:

Making a butterfly cake may seem intimidating, but with this step-by-step guide, even novice bakers can create a visually appealing and delicious cake. Key ingredients include flour, sugar, unsalted butter, eggs, baking powder/soda, liquid components, and vanilla extract. Sifting dry ingredients, creaming butter and sugar, alternately adding dry/wet ingredients, and assembling the cake are essential preparation steps. To achieve a perfect assembly, cut out the cake, hollow out the center, spread filling, place the top layer, and frost with buttercream frosting. Decorating tips include using buttercream frosting, piping, edible flowers, sprinkles, and fondant icing.

Cut out cake

Once your cake has cooled down, use a sharp knife to cut out two equal-sized circles from your baked cake. The size of each circle should be slightly smaller than the diameter of your Butterfly Cake mold.

Hollow out the center

Using a small knife or cookie cutter, carefully hollow out the center of one of the cakes to create space for filling in later.

Spread filling

Spread your desired filling like whipped cream or buttercream frosting over the top surface of one layer (the solid layer).

Note: Do not fill too much as this may cause spillage when you place on other side which will ultimately ruin your design.

Place top layer

Place another layer on top with its cutout portion aligned with first filled layers’ cutout section to create butterfly-like appearance.


Cover entire exterior and interior surfaces using chilled Buttercream frosting. Ensure that you cover all surfaces evenly and smooth any rough patches using an offset spatula.

Note: You can use food coloring depending on preference and occasion

Tips for assembling perfect Butterfly Cake

Below are some tips that will help you achieve perfect results when assembling your Butterfly Cake:

It may seem intimidating to make a butterfly cake, but with the right tools and ingredients, it is an achievable and impressive dessert. From preparing the batter to decorating the wings, this guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating a visually appealing and delicious butterfly cake. Remember to use quality ingredients, accurate measurements, and not overmix the batter to achieve the desired result. Additionally, plan ahead, be creative, and use quality decorations for a perfectly decorated butterfly cake.

Chill Your ButterCream Frosting

Chill buttercream frosting before application so that it stays firm and does not melt easily which could ruin designs or decorations created.


Ensure to spread buttercream frosting evenly onto each surface so that no lumps form in between layers giving an even texture throughout.


Decorate your butterfly cake according to occasion or preference; topping it up with fresh fruits, sprinkles, edible flowers, etc., This makes it more attractive and visually appealing.

Decorating the Cake

The final step in making a butterfly cake is decorating it. Here are some tips and ideas for decorating your cake to make it look beautiful and appetizing.

Making a butterfly cake can seem intimidating, but with the right tools and ingredients, it can be a fun and delicious project. To prepare the cake, gather all necessary ingredients and bake in a fluted pan. Ensure that the cake batter is properly mixed and proportioned before assembling the cake by cutting out two equal-sized circles and spreading filling on top of one layer. Lastly, decorate with buttercream frosting, edible flowers, sprinkles, or fondant icing. Personal creativity is key to achieving a unique and visually appealing butterfly cake.

Buttercream frosting

Buttercream frosting adds a beautiful finish to your cake while also being delicious. You can tint the frosting with food coloring to create different colors depending on the occasion or preference.


Using a piping bag, you can create different designs such as flowers, swirls, or stars on your butterfly cake. This is an excellent way of adding texture and depth to your design.

Edible Flowers

Edible flowers such as roses, violets and pansies add an elegant touch to any cake decoration by creating a colorful contrast while providing natural fragrance


Sprinkles are great for adding color, texture, and fun elements to your butterfly cakes especially when celebrating birthdays or special occasions.

Note: Ensure that they align well with other decorations.


Fondant icing can be used instead of buttercream frosting which provides flexibility when designing shapes such as petals. It’s quite easy to apply and gives cakes a smooth finish.

Tips for Decorative Butterfly Cake

Here are some tips that will help you achieve perfect results when decorating your Butterfly Cake:

Plan ahead

Plan out how you want the final product before starting any decorating process so that it does not become overwhelming.

Be creative

Use various colors and textures of decorations like sprinkles or whipped cream peaks by playing around with shapes until get desired effect

Use quality ingredients

Quality ingredients always result in tastier baked goods but also ensures longevity of decorations created


What ingredients do I need to make a butterfly cake?

To make a butterfly cake, you will need basic baking ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, salt, vanilla extract, and butter. Additionally, you’ll need food coloring, cake decorating tools like piping bags and tips, and a cake pan in the shape of a butterfly. You can also add sprinkles, edible glitter, or cocoa powder to decorate your cake as you like.

How do I make the wings and body of the butterfly cake?

To make the wings of the butterfly cake, you will need a butterfly-shaped cake pan. Prepare the cake batter as per instructions, and pour it into the buttered and floured pan. Bake the cake according to the instructions or until the cake tester comes out clean. Once the cake is baked and cooled, remove it from the pan and place it on the serving tray. Cut one of the wings diagonally, and place the two pieces on either side of the butterfly’s body to create the wings. The body can be made by using a separate cake batter and baking it into a round or rectangular pan and placed in the center of the wings.

How do I decorate my butterfly cake?

Decorating a butterfly cake is where all the fun is! You can use different types of frosting to decorate your cake and make it look colorful and attractive. For example, you can use buttercream frosting to make flowers, grass, and leaves on your cake. To make the body of the butterfly, you can use chocolate chips, candies, or fondant. You can also use edible glitter, or sprinkles to add a sparkly effect. You can use a variety of food colors to make different hues that match your theme and preferences.

How long will the butterfly cake last?

After you have baked and decorated the butterfly cake, you can store it in an airtight container at room temperature for up to two to three days. If you plan to serve the cake later, it’s better to wrap the cake in plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator for up to five days. However, it’s essential to bring the cake to room temperature before serving it. You can also freeze the butterfly cake for up to three months, but make sure to wrap it well with plastic wrap or aluminum foil to avoid freezer burn.

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