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The TEAS exam, or Test of Essential Academic Skills, is an assessment used by many nursing schools to evaluate the academic preparedness of prospective students. This exam measures a student’s knowledge and skills in areas such as reading comprehension, mathematics, science, and English language usage. In addition, it assesses critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, which are essential for success in nursing school and in the nursing profession. With the TEAS exam playing a crucial role in the nursing school application process, many students may wonder about the cost of the exam. In this article, we will explore the pricing of the TEAS exam and provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding its cost. Whether you are a prospective nursing student or an educational professional seeking to guide students on their nursing school journey, this article will provide valuable information on the cost of the TEAS exam.

What is the TEAS Exam?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam is a standardized test that evaluates the academic knowledge and skills of potential nursing students. It is administered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) and it measures four subject areas: Reading, Math, Science, and English Language Usage. The TEAS exam was developed to ensure that students entering nursing programs have the necessary academic skills to succeed in their studies.

Why Take the TEAS Exam?

TEAS exam scores are used by nursing schools as part of their admissions process. The scores provide an objective measure of a student’s academic abilities, which can be useful when considering applicants for limited enrollment programs like nursing school. Higher scores on the TEAS exam can increase a student’s chances of being accepted into their desired program.

Who Needs to Take the TEAS Exam?

Students who are applying to nursing programs may need to take the TEAS exam as part of their application process. Nursing schools use these scores as one factor in determining admission eligibility. Some schools may require specific minimum score thresholds for each section while others may only require overall score minimums.

What Does The Test Cover?

The test consists of 170 multiple-choice questions divided into four sections: Reading (53 questions), Math (36 questions), Science (53 questions), and English Language Usage (28 questions). The reading section measures reading comprehension, while math assesses basic arithmetic operations and algebraic equations concepts such as ratios, fractions, decimals percentages among others. In science tests basic concepts in biology chemistry physics among others will be tested.The English language usage measures grammar rules applied in writing essays or articles besides some logical reasoning components

How Long Is The Exam And How Many Questions Are There?

The entire test takes approximately 3 hours and 29 minutes including breaks between sections.
-Reading section: 64 minutes
-Mathematics section:54 minutes
-Science section: 63 minutes
-English Language Usage section:28 minutes

The Test is electronically administered and has a timer for each section. Once the time is up, the system automatically moves on to the next section.

What Is The Scoring System For The TEAS Exam?

Each of the four sections of the TEAS exam is scored separately, and scores range from 0% to 100%. There are no penalties for incorrect answers. Total score ranges from a minimum value of zero to a maximum value of 100 points. Generally, nursing schools require an overall score of at least 70% or higher to be considered for admission.

When And Where Can You Take The TEAS Exam?

ATI offers test sessions all year round that can be taken at various testing centers across North America. Students can also take it online in case they have personal issues that do not allow them to attend in person exams or if there are no testing centers nearby. Registration fees vary depending on whether you opt for online proctored exams or physical location sitting arrangements

Why is the TEAS Exam Important?

The TEAS exam is an important component of the nursing school application process and a requirement for many nursing programs. It plays a crucial role in determining whether or not a student has the necessary academic skills to succeed in their studies. In this section, we’ll explore why the TEAS exam is so critical and how it impacts students’ chances of being accepted into their desired nursing program.

Assessing Academic Skills

One of the primary reasons why the TEAS exam is so important is that it assesses an applicant’s academic skills in four key subject areas: Reading, Math, Science, and English Language Usage. These are fundamental areas that are essential for success in nursing programs.

The test evaluates each of these areas to determine if applicants have sufficient knowledge and understanding to handle college-level coursework. The results provide admissions committees with objective data to evaluate applicants’ potential for success within their programs.

Selection Criteria

Nursing schools use a variety of selection criteria when evaluating prospective students. However, one common factor among all schools is that they want students who can handle rigorous coursework while performing well academically.

TEAS scores provide admissions committees with quantifiable data about applicants’ academic abilities and potential performance within their program. Schools can compare those scores against other applicant pool’s scores as they consider whom to extend admission offers too

Limited Enrollment Programs

Most nursing schools have limited enrollment capacities due to limited resources such as faculty numbers or clinical sites available – which means there are fewer spots available than there are qualified candidates applying for them!

For instance some universities like Vanderbilt University School Of Nursing receive over 6k applications annually but only admit around 200-300 each year depending on class size preferences .As such these institutions need ways to narrow down this vast pool by using standardized tests like TEAS exams alongside other criteria like transcripts GPA etc

Many times having higher test scores may be the deciding factor in who is admitted and who is not. Therefore, it’s crucial for students to do their best on the TEAS exam to increase their chances of acceptance into a limited enrollment nursing program.

Preparation for Nursing Programs

Another reason why the TEAS exam is important is that it helps prepare students for nursing programs. The test covers essential topics such as biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physiology. By reviewing these concepts before taking the test, students can get a better understanding of what they’ll be learning in nursing school.

Furthermore, successful performance on this test can indicate that they may have a greater chance of succeeding once enrolled in college-level coursework because they have demonstrated mastery over foundational material.

Identifying Areas of Improvement

The TEAS exam also helps identify areas where students need improvement. For instance if one scores poorly on math but well in reading comprehension skills then this indicates a weak spot that needs more attention before starting a nursing program.In essence the TEAS Exam serves as an indicator to prospective applicants about their readiness to start learning from entry-level college courses

By identifying areas where they need improvement, students can focus on strengthening those skills before beginning their studies or while undergoing remediation courses within some institutions’ frameworks.

How Much Does the TEAS Exam Cost?

The cost of taking the TEAS exam varies depending on whether students choose to take it online or in-person, and which version of the test they opt for. In this section, we’ll explore the various costs associated with taking the TEAS exam.

In-Person Testing

ATI offers in-person testing at various testing centers throughout North America. The cost for in-person testing varies by location and can range from $80 to $130 per attempt. This fee includes one attempt at all four sections of the exam.

Some schools may have arrangements with ATI that allow them to offer discounted rates or cover some of these fees on behalf of their students who are applying to their nursing programs so its always good to check if such privileges exist when applying.

It’s important for students planning on taking an in-person test to make sure they register well ahead of time as some places may charge a late registration fee.These fees are typically non-refundable so being mindful is key.

Online Proctored Testing

ATI also offers online proctored exams that enable students to take tests from anywhere that has an internet connection. The cost per attempt ranges from $115-$135 and is inclusive of all four sections like those offered in person tests

The online proctored version comes with additional charges like webcam rental(around $25) plus any necessary internet connectivity requirements (such as a strong, stable connection). These costs can add up quickly if not carefully planned beforehand.

Retake Fees

If a student doesn’t do well or wants another chance at improving their scores after attempting either version above, they can retake any part or all parts but will need pay again .

Retake fees vary depending on where you live but generally range between $55 – 65 per section taken separately.So if someone needs more than one retake ,it makes sense financially speaking,to plan ahead of time to avoid paying more than necessary.

Study Material Costs

Aside from the cost of taking the exam, students may also need to purchase study materials to prepare adequately for the test. These materials can range in price depending on what they choose but generally lie within a price range of $30 – $200.

ATI offers official study packages that include practice tests, review manuals and other resources, which are specifically designed to help students prepare for the TEAS exam. While these study materials aren’t mandatory for taking or passing the TEAS exam ,many find them helpful when trying to improve their scores.

Additional Fees

In some rare cases, there may be additional fees associated with taking the TEAS exam such as late registration fees or rescheduling fees if one needs an alternative date or location. These costs are usually not refundable so its always best to plan ahead and avoid any unnecessary costs.

Ways to Save on the Cost of the TEAS Exam

The cost of taking the TEAS exam can add up quickly, especially for students who need to take it multiple times or purchase study materials. However, there are several ways that prospective nursing students can save money on the cost of this essential test.

Research Testing Centers

One way to save money is by researching testing centers in your area. Some testing centers may charge less than others for administering the exam. It’s worth doing some research before registering for an in-person test to find a more affordable option nearby.

Early Registration Discounts

ATI offers early registration discounts for both in-person and online proctored tests . By registering well ahead of time, students can take advantage of these discounts which usually range from $10 – $20 off regular prices.

These savings may seem small at first but they add up over time especially if one needs multiple attempts at passing their exams so its always good practice when preparing ahead just as one would do before any major event or journey.

Use Free Study Materials

There are free resources available online that prospective nursing students can use when preparing for their TEAS exam.Ati’s official website has some free resources like teas prep course teas smartprep basic etc

Similarly, other websites like Kahn Academy have video tutorials and practice questions covering topics tested during these examinations.
By using such resources ,students not only score high marks but also avoid spending unnecessary funds on purchased study materials

Study Groups & Peer Tutoring

Another way that nursing students can save costs is through studying with peers or joining study groups where everyone assists each other in reviewing important concepts covered in TESAs exams . This option works best because it fosters peer learning while providing a supportive environment where everyone learns from each other’s mistakes without having to pay extra fees associated with private tutors.

Study groups also provide moral support which helps ease stress levels as one prepares for these examinations.

Ask About Fee Waivers

Some nursing schools may provide fee waivers for the TEAS exam as part of their financial aid programs or scholarship opportunities .This is a great opportunity for students to save money while pursuing their nursing career.

These waivers often depend on income levels and other factors but it’s worth asking whether or not they’re available and if so, how to apply.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can also help prospective nursing students save costs associated with taking the TEAS exam. By setting aside enough time for studying, scheduling tests in advance ,and preparing adequately before each attempt potential savings can be realized by avoiding unnecessary costs like retake fees and late registration fees that result from last-minute planning.

The cost of taking the TEAS exam can add up quickly, especially for students who need to take it multiple times or purchase study materials. However, when considering whether or not the cost is worth it, there are several factors to take into account.

Importance of Academic Preparedness

One factor to consider is the importance of academic preparedness. The TEAS exam serves as a tool for nursing schools to determine whether or not an applicant has the necessary academic skills and knowledge required by their programs.

By doing well on this test, prospective nursing students demonstrate that they are academically prepared and have a better chance at succeeding in their studies.

Opportunity Cost

Another factor to consider when evaluating whether or not the cost associated with taking this test is worth it is opportunity costs. Nursing school admissions are highly competitive due to limited enrollment capacities; therefore those who do not score high marks may miss out on admission offers altogether.

This means that passing these exams can open up doors that wouldn’t have been available without them while failing them could lead you down another career path entirely which could come with its own set of expenses and missed opportunities.


What is the cost of the TEAS exam?

The cost of the TEAS exam varies depending on the location and institution. Typically, the exam fee ranges between $70 to $120. However, some testing centers may charge additional fees for rescheduling or late registration. It is suggested to check with the specific testing center for the current costs.

Is there any way to get a discount on the TEAS exam cost?

Some institutions offer a discount on the TEAS exam cost to their students or employees. Additionally, some organizations may provide financial aids or scholarships to cover the exam fees for their members. It is advisable to check with one’s educational institution or relevant organizations for potential discounts or financial assistance.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my TEAS exam registration?

Yes, some testing centers may offer a partial refund if you cancel your TEAS exam registration before a specific deadline. The amount of the refund may vary depending on the center’s policies. However, it is essential to review the registration and refund policies of the testing center before rescheduling or canceling the exam.

How many times can I take the TEAS exam?

The number of times an individual can take the TEAS exam depends on the test provider’s policy. Some institutions allow an unlimited number of retries, while others may limit the number of retakes per year or per application cycle. It is recommended to review the specific institution’s policy regarding the TEAS exam retakes to avoid any confusion or additional costs.

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