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Domino’s is one of the most popular pizza delivery chains globally, providing an extensive array of delectable pizza flavors, sides, and desserts. One of the newest additions to its dessert menu is the Lava Cake, a delicious chocolate-infused treat that is perfect for satisfying one’s sweet cravings. If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ve probably heard about this dessert and would love to know how much it costs. Domino’s Lava Cake comes in two sizes, small and large, and is available for delivery or pickup. In this article, we will dive into the pricing details of Domino’s Lava Cake, so you will know how much to expect when ordering this delightful dessert. We will also cover some essential information about the ingredients, flavors, and availability of the Lava Cake, so you can make an informed decision on whether to give it a try or not. So, if you’re curious about how much Domino’s Lava Cake costs, keep reading!

Introduction: What Are Domino’s Lava Cakes?

Are you a dessert lover? If so, you might have heard about the famous Domino’s lava cakes. These mouth-watering desserts have become an all-time favorite for many people due to their delicious flavor and texture. In this section, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these cakes, including what they are and how much they cost.

What are Domino’s lava cakes?

Domino’s lava cakes are small chocolate cakes filled with hot fudge sauce that oozes out when you bite into them. They are typically served warm and topped with powdered sugar for added sweetness. The cake itself is made with a rich chocolate batter that complements the gooey filling perfectly.

History of Domino’s Lava Cakes

Domino’s first introduced its lava cake in 2009 as part of its dessert menu. Since then, it has become one of the most popular items on their menu and has been featured in many promotional campaigns by the company.

Why Are They So Popular?

There are several reasons why people love Domino’s Lava Cakes so much! Firstly, they satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without being too heavy or filling. Secondly, the combination of warm chocolate cake and hot fudge sauce creates a sensational taste experience that is hard to resist. Lastly, they’re convenient since they can be ordered online or through their mobile app!

Nutritional Information

While these desserts may be irresistible for some people, it’s essential to keep in mind that consuming them in moderation is crucial as one serving contains around 360 calories! Moreover ,they also contain high amounts of sugar (38g) which should be kept into consideration while indulging in this treat!

Now that we’ve covered what exactly Dominos Lava Cake is let’s dive deeper into how much this popular dessert costs!

The Price of a Single Lava Cake

If you’re wondering how much a single Domino’s lava cake costs, the answer may vary depending on your location and the current pricing at your nearest store. In this section, we’ll discuss average prices for these delicious desserts.

Domino’s Lava Cakes are a delicious chocolate-infused treat, perfect for satisfying sweet cravings. They come in two sizes, small and large, and on average cost between $3 to $5 depending on various factors such as location, any discounts or deals being offered at that time, and whether you are ordering online or in-store. Bundle deals and combos, student discounts, coupons and promo codes, and credit card promotions are some ways to save money on your purchase. Domino’s offers great value for money and the quality of their lava cakes is excellent, making them a must-try dessert for chocolate lovers.

Average Price Range

On average, a single lava cake from Domino’s may cost between $3 to $5. This price range can vary depending on various factors such as the location of the store, any discounts or deals being offered at that time, and whether you are ordering online or in-store.

Additional Costs

It’s important to note that if you’re ordering online or through their mobile app, there is likely going to be an additional delivery fee added onto your total order cost. Additionally, if you decide to add any toppings like nuts or extra chocolate sauce on top of your lava cakes then it will also increase its price.

Deals and Discounts

Domino’s often offers great deals and discounts for their customers which can reduce the overall cost of purchasing their Lava Cakes. These deals usually come in the form of coupons that are available on their website or mobile app.

One popular deal is their Mix-and-Match offer which lets customers buy two items from a specific list for just $5.99 each! This includes one small pizza with up to two toppings along with sides like cheesy breadsticks or garlic knots. If you’re lucky enough to find these kinds of deals while ordering then it’s definitely worth taking advantage!

Overall, Domino’s Lava Cakes are reasonably priced considering they are made with high-quality ingredients and have become so popular among dessert lovers worldwide!

Lava Cake Bundles and Combos

If you’re looking to purchase more than one lava cake, then you may want to consider bundle deals or combos. In this section, we’ll discuss how much these options could cost.

Domino’s Lava Cakes are a delicious chocolate treat that satisfies one’s sweet tooth cravings without being too heavy or filling. The cakes are made with a rich chocolate batter filled with hot fudge sauce that oozes out when you bite into them. The price range for a single cake is between $3 to $5, and there are various bundle deals and combo meals available that include lava cakes. Additionally, Domino’s often offers discounts and promotions, making these mouth-watering desserts even more appealing and affordable. Overall, if you’re looking for a delicious and convenient dessert, Domino’s Lava Cakes are definitely worth trying!

Lava Cake Bundle Deals

Domino’s offers bundle deals where you can purchase multiple lava cakes at a discounted price. For example, they may offer a deal where you can buy two or three lava cakes for a set price rather than purchasing them individually.

On average, the bundle deals for lava cakes range from $5 to $9 depending on the size of the order and any additional toppings that are added.

Combos with Other Menu Items

Another option is to consider ordering combo meals that include lava cakes as part of their dessert menu. This is an excellent choice if you’re ordering pizza for a group of people since it allows everyone to enjoy their favorite dish while also indulging in some sweet treats!

For example, Domino’s offers various combo meals such as their “Mix-and-Match” deal that includes pizzas and sides along with desserts like chocolate lava cakes starting at just $5.99 each!

Ordering Online vs In-Store

It’s important to note that prices for Lava Cakes may differ based on whether they are ordered online or in-store. Typically when ordering online there are certain discounts available which might not be applicable when placing an order over-the-counter.

Moreover, if you’re opting for delivery service then there will be additional charges included which will increase your overall bill amount whereas picking up from store might save some delivery charges!

Seasonal Offers

Domino’s often runs seasonal promotions throughout the year where they offer special discounted prices on selected items including desserts like Lava Cakes! Be sure to check out their website or social media pages regularly so that you don’t miss out on any upcoming deals.

For instance during festive seasons like Christmas & Halloween, Domino’s often offers discounts and promotions on their Lava cakes which is a great opportunity to indulge in this delicious treat without breaking the bank!

Are There Any Discounts or Special Offers?

If you’re a fan of Domino’s Lava Cakes, then you’ll be happy to know that there are often discounts and special offers available! In this section, we’ll discuss some of the most common ways to save money when purchasing these delicious desserts.

Domino’s Lava Cakes are small chocolate cakes filled with hot fudge sauce that ooze out when you take a bite. They are a delicious dessert option made with high-quality ingredients and are reasonably priced, ranging from $3 to $5 per cake. Domino’s frequently offers discounts and promotions, including bundle deals, combo meals, coupons, rewards programs, student discounts, and credit card promotions, making it easy to try these delectable treats without breaking the bank. So, the next time you’re craving something sweet, don’t hesitate to order a lava cake from Domino’s!

Coupons and Promo Codes

One of the easiest ways to get a discount on your lava cake purchase is by using coupons or promo codes. These can often be found online or through their mobile app.

Domino’s regularly sends out coupons via email or SMS for customers who have opted in to receive marketing communications from them. These coupons can include discounts on specific items such as lava cakes, combo meals with sides and drinks, and even free dessert options!

Rewards Programs

Another way to save money on your lava cake purchases is by joining rewards programs offered by Domino’s. By signing up for their loyalty program, you can earn points for every dollar spent which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders.

Moreover ,they also offer a “Piece of Pie Rewards” program which lets customers earn points towards free pizzas with each order they place! This program includes all menu items including desserts like Lava Cakes.

Student Discounts

Domino’s also offers student discounts which are usually around 10% off on total bill amount. This discount is applicable only if the student has verified his/her identity via ID cards or other proof documents issued by the school/college/university he/she attends!

Credit Card Promotions

Lastly, some credit card companies offer promotions and discounts for customers who use their card to purchase from Domino’s. These promotions can include cashback or even free lava cakes with every order!

It’s always worth checking with your credit card company to see if they offer any deals that can be used at Domino’s before placing your order.

Quality of the Dessert

Firstly, it’s important to note that the quality of these desserts is excellent. They are made with high-quality ingredients which makes them taste delicious and satisfying. The combination of warm chocolate cake with hot fudge sauce is truly indulgent!

Moreover, Lava Cakes are also an excellent dessert choice for sharing with friends or family since they come in small individual sizes making them perfect for gifting too!

Price Point

The price point of Domino’s lava cakes is reasonable considering their high-quality ingredients and delicious taste! You can usually expect to pay around $3-$5 per cake depending on your location along with any additional toppings or delivery charges.

Additionally ,Domino’s offers great bundle deals and combo meals which can help save money on your purchase while still enjoying their tasty desserts!

Discounts & Promotions

Lastly, Domino’s frequently offers discounts and promotions on their menu items including Lava Cakes! With coupons/promo codes available through their website/mobile app along with rewards programs like “Piece Of Pie Rewards”, seasonal deals during festive seasons like Christmas & Halloween, student discount offer as well as credit card promotions means there are always ways to save some extra cash while ordering your favorite dessert.

Final Verdict

So, next time you’re craving for something sweet and indulgent, don’t hesitate to order a lava cake from Domino’s!


Domino’s lava cakes are a rich and decadent dessert made with chocolate fudge cake on the outside and filled with warm, gooey chocolate lava on the inside. They are a favorite treat for those with a sweet tooth and can be enjoyed as a dessert after any meal.

How much do Domino’s lava cakes cost?

Domino’s lava cakes typically cost around $6.99 for an order of two cakes. However, prices may vary based on location and current promotions, so be sure to check the menu at your local Domino’s restaurant for the most up-to-date pricing information.

How many lava cakes can one person order at Domino’s?

At Domino’s, customers can order lava cakes as part of their individual meal or as a separate dessert item. There is no limit to the number of lava cakes that one person can order, although keep in mind that each cake is quite rich, so it’s best to share with friends or save some for later.

Are Domino’s lava cakes available for delivery or carryout?

Yes! Domino’s lava cakes are available for both delivery and carryout. If you’re ordering for delivery, simply add the lava cakes to your cart along with your other menu items and they will be delivered straight to your door. If you’re picking up your order, the lava cakes will be ready and waiting for you at the store when you arrive.

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