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McDonald’s is a popular fast-food chain that is famous for serving burgers, fries, and other assorted fast-food items. However, the restaurant chain also serves coffee, which is a popular beverage choice for many customers. Coffee is an integral part of McDonald’s menu and is available at all its restaurants worldwide. As a result, many customers ask the question, “does McDonald’s serve coffee all day?” This is a relevant question since many people enjoy a cup of coffee during various times of the day. In this article, we will answer this question by discussing McDonald’s coffee policy and the different types of coffee available at the restaurant chain. We will also discuss the pros and cons of this policy and discover whether McDonald’s serves coffee all day.

Understanding McDonald’s Coffee Availability

The History of McDonald’s Coffee

McDonald’s has been serving coffee since 1970, but it wasn’t until the 2000s that they started to focus on improving their coffee offerings. In 2006, McDonald’s launched its premium line of coffee called McCafe, which quickly gained popularity among customers. Since then, they have been continuously upgrading their coffee-making equipment and brewing techniques to ensure that customers always get a fresh and high-quality cup of coffee.

Yes! One of the great things about McDonald’s is that they serve their delicious hot and cold beverages all day long. You can enjoy your favorite cup of McCafe coffee or any other beverage from the menu at any time during business hours. This means you can visit a McDonald’s restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner and still be able to order your preferred drink.

What Types of Coffee Does McDonald’s Serve?

McDonald’s serves a variety of hot and cold drinks under its McCafé brand name. Their menu includes regular drip coffee, espresso-based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos, flavored coffees including vanilla latte or caramel macchiato as well as specialty drinks like mocha frappes or smoothies.

If you prefer cold brews rather than hot ones then there are plenty for you to choose from such as iced Americano, Iced mochas or even Iced Caramel Macchiatos which make for refreshing summer drinks.

In addition to these standard options on the menu board at every location in North America is Decaf Brewed Coffee which is made using only high-quality Arabica beans with no artificial flavors added.

Are There Any Exceptions To All-Day Service?

While most locations serve McCafé products throughout business hours some might stop serving certain items before closing time due to individual store policies; however, this is not a rule but just an exception. To find out more about the specific menu available at your local McDonald’s, check their website or contact them directly.

How Do You Order Coffee At McDonald’s?

Ordering coffee at McDonald’s is easy and straightforward. Just head to the counter or use one of their self-order kiosks to place your order. The employees will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the menu options.

Once you’ve placed your order, grab a seat and wait for your number to be called. Your coffee will be brewed fresh and served hot or cold depending on what you ordered. If there are any issues with your drink, let the staff know right away so they can make it right.

The History of McDonald’s Coffee Service

McDonald’s serves coffee all day at all its restaurants worldwide and offers a variety of hot and cold drinks under its McCafé brand name. The introduction of McCafe in 2006 brought affordable high-quality coffee to customers, leading to upgrades in equipment and brewing techniques. While there are benefits to McDonald’s coffee, such as convenience, affordability, and quality control, some potential drawbacks include limited specialty options, environmental impact, and health concerns caused by excessive caffeine intake. Ultimately, the best option will depend on personal preferences regarding taste, budget, location, or sustainability concerns.

Early Days

McDonald’s has been serving coffee since its early days, but it wasn’t until the 2000s that they started to focus on improving their coffee offerings. In the beginning, coffee was just an add-on item to their breakfast menu and was not a significant part of their business.

Introduction of McCafé

In 2006, McDonald’s launched its premium line of coffee called McCafe in Canada and Australia. This new line of coffee quickly gained popularity among customers due to its high quality and affordable price point. It wasn’t long before McDonald’s expanded this line globally.

Upgrades in Equipment and Brewing Techniques

After the success of McCafe, McDonald’s began upgrading their equipment and brewing techniques to improve the quality of their coffee further. They implemented new espresso machines that could produce consistent shots every time while also improving milk frothing capabilities for specialty drinks.

They also introduced a freshly ground drip-coffee system with airtight containers that kept beans fresh longer while ensuring that each cup is brewed with freshly ground beans for maximum flavor.

Partnership With Third-Party Providers

To keep up with changing consumer tastes, McDonald’s partnered with third-party providers like Kraft Foods who developed customized blends for them such as the Premium Roast Blend which is still available today. These partnerships helped ensure a steady supply chain while also giving customers more options when it comes to selecting different types of roasts or flavors.

Competing With Other Fast Food Giants

McDonald’s has always been in competition with other fast-food giants like Burger King or Wendy’s when it comes to offering diverse menus including beverages like coffees. To compete effectively they had to make sure they had something unique from what others were offering so they developed various seasonal items such as pumpkin spiced lattes (PSL) during fall months which became incredibly popular over time

They even added flavors like white chocolate mocha and peppermint mocha, which are now part of their permanent menu item.

National Coffee Day

To celebrate National Coffee Day in 2020, McDonald’s offered free coffee to its customers for a limited time. This promotion was well-received by customers across the country and helped to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

The Menu: Coffee Options at McDonald’s

McDonald’s serves coffee all day at all its worldwide locations. The chain’s history of coffee service dates back to 1970, but it was in the 2000s that McDonald’s started offering high quality and affordable coffee through its McCafe line. Customers can choose from a variety of hot and cold drinks, including regular drip coffee, espresso-based drinks, flavored coffees, and specialty drinks. While there are many benefits to getting coffee from McDonald’s, some drawbacks to consider include limited specialty options, potential environmental impact from disposable cups, and health concerns from excessive caffeine intake. Ultimately, deciding if McDonald’s is the best option for you will depend on personal preferences such as taste, budget, and location.

Regular Drip Coffee

McDonald’s regular drip coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans and freshly brewed for every order. It is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. Customers have the option to add cream or sugar as per their preference.

Espresso-Based Drinks

McDonald’s has a range of espresso-based drinks that are perfect for those who prefer stronger coffee. Here are some of the popular options:


Cappuccino is a classic Italian drink made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk. McDonald’s version of cappuccino comes in one size only which is medium.


Latte is another popular espresso-based drink that consists of one-third espresso and two-thirds steamed milk topped with a thin layer of foam. Customers can choose between vanilla or caramel flavors to add an extra touch to their latte.


Mocha combines the richness of chocolate with the boldness of coffee creating a decadent drink that many people love. McDonald’s mocha consists of espresso mixed with steamed chocolate-flavored milk then topped off with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on top!

Flavored Coffees

For customers who prefer flavored coffees here are some options available under McCafé brand

French Vanilla Cappuccino/Latte

French Vanilla Cappuccinos or Lattes offer a sweet twist on traditional cappuccinos/ Lattes by adding vanilla flavoring to them.

Hazelnut Iced Coffee/Latte

Hazelnut lovers will enjoy this delicious hazelnut flavored iced coffee/lattes which gives you an added boost during hot summer months

Specialty Drinks

If you’re looking for something unique try these specialty drinks:


Frappe combines ice, blended french vanilla, or caramel, coffee and whipped cream all in a single cup. It is available in medium size only.


McDonald’s smoothies are made with real fruit and low-fat yogurt making them a healthy option. They come in two flavors: Strawberry Banana and Wild Berry.

Decaf Brewed Coffee

For those who prefer decaffeinated coffee, McDonald’s has got you covered! Their Decaf Brewed Coffee is made from high-quality Arabica beans with no artificial flavors added.

Iced Coffees

If you’re looking for something refreshing during hot summer months then McDonald’s iced coffees are perfect for you. Here are some of the most popular options:

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Iced Caramel Macchiato combines vanilla syrup, freshly brewed espresso shots & topped off with caramel drizzle to create a delicious drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day!

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade is perfect for anyone looking for something sweet but not too strong! It is made with real strawberries blended together with lemonade creating a refreshing drink that’s perfect on hot sunny days.

The Pros and Cons of McDonald’s Coffee Anytime

Pros of McDonald’s Coffee Anytime

Here are some benefits of being able to get coffee from McDonald’s anytime:


One of the biggest advantages of getting coffee at any time from McDonald’s is convenience. With over 38,000 locations worldwide, chances are there’s a McDonald’s restaurant near you open 24/7.


McDonald’s offers high-quality beverages at an affordable price point compared to other specialty coffee shops. Getting your daily caffeine fix doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

Quality Control

Thanks to their continuous upgrading equipment and brewing techniques customers can enjoy high-quality coffee that is consistent in taste every time they order it.

Cons of McDonald’s Coffee Anytime

While there are many advantages to getting your coffee anytime from McDonalds here are some drawbacks you might want to consider:

Limited Specialty Options

While McCafe offers a great variety of standard drinks such as cappuccinos or lattes, it may not offer the same level as specialty options which other well-known specialty cafés do. Hence if you’re looking for something unique or more complex then other options might be worth exploring.

Environmental Impact

Fast food chains like McDonald’s use disposable cups for their beverages which can contribute towards environmental pollution. Customers who care about sustainability may prefer cafes that offer reusable cups instead.

Health Concerns

While we all love our caffeine fix, too much caffeine can cause health problems like insomnia, anxiety or hypertension. So before ordering check with your doctor whether they recommend limiting caffeine intake or how much is safe for you; especially if you’re pregnant or nursing

Variety of Options

While McDonald’s offers a wide range of coffee and beverage options, which includes both standard and specialty drinks, it may not always be the best option for everyone. Some customers may prefer other cafes that offer more unique or complex drinks.


One of the biggest advantages of getting coffee from McDonald’s is its convenience. With over 38,000 locations worldwide and convenient drive-thru service available in many locations — customers can get their caffeine fix easily.


McDonald’s offers high-quality beverages at an affordable price point compared to other specialty coffee shops making it a great option for those on a budget.

Quality Control

However, while there are many benefits to getting your coffee anytime from McDonald’s including convenience, affordability, variety or quality control; some potential drawbacks include limited specialty options environmental impact concerns or health-related issues caused by excessive caffeine intake.

Ultimately whether McDonald’s is the best option for you will depend on your own personal preferences when it comes to taste budget location or sustainability concerns.

So next time when you’re looking for a cup of joe consider all your options before deciding if McDonald’s is the right choice!


What time does McDonald’s start serving coffee in the morning?

McDonald’s serves coffee all day, but the time when it starts serving coffee can vary by location. In general, most McDonald’s locations start serving coffee early in the morning, typically around 6:00 AM. However, there are some locations that may start serving coffee earlier or later than this. You can check with your local McDonald’s restaurant for their specific hours of operation.

Does McDonald’s serve decaf coffee?

Yes, McDonald’s serves decaf coffee as part of its coffee menu. Decaf coffee is a popular choice for people who enjoy the taste of coffee but want to avoid the caffeine. McDonald’s decaf coffee is made from the same high-quality coffee beans as its regular coffee, but with the caffeine removed. It is available in both hot and iced versions, so you can enjoy it any time of year.

Can I add flavors to my McDonald’s coffee?

Yes, McDonald’s offers a variety of flavor options that you can add to your coffee. Some of these flavors include vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut. You can also add cream and sugar to customize your coffee to your liking. McDonald’s understands that everyone has their own taste preferences, so they offer a range of options to suit your needs.

Does McDonald’s offer any discounts or promotions on coffee?

Yes, McDonald’s occasionally offers discounts and promotions on its coffee menu. Some of these promotions include free coffee with a purchase, discounted prices on certain types of coffee, or special deals during certain times of the year. You can check with your local McDonald’s to see if they have any current promotions or discounts on their coffee menu. Additionally, if you download the McDonald’s app, you may be eligible for special deals on coffee and other menu items.

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